Privacy Protected Analytics allows you to manage your website without compromising the privacy of your users. We analyse what your visitors do on your website. We do not track who they are. Our systems offer full strength website analytics with a wide range of reporting options. Our innovative technology includes cookie-free operation, anonymised IP addresses and a host of other features. It ensures that your website is not only compliant with UK law and EU directives but provides reassurance to your visitors about their privacy today. If you care about your visitors’ privacy and your website analytics then get Privacy Protected Analytics on your website today. Attempts at cookie compliance are making the problem worse not better.

Protecting your visitors’ privacy

Privacy Protected Analytics uses advanced cookie-free technology to ensure you are compliant with UK and EU law on privacy.

Protecting your reputation

Using Privacy Protected Analytics ensures that your brand and organisational reputation is not only protected but is enhanced.

Managing your website

Privacy Protected Analytics is a full strength website analytics system with a comprehensive range of reports.

Latest News

Google Analytics Could Be Banned In Norway due to use of IP address and data sharing concerns.